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The Stockholm Association of International Affairs (SAIA) or Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Stockholm (UF Stockholm) is a youth association that aims to broaden interest and understanding of international affairs. We are politically and religiously independent.


We organise embassy visits, lectures with academics and politicians, study trips in Sweden and abroad, movie screenings, and more. We also have a journal highlighting topics in international affairs.


UF Stockholm is a member of the Swedish Association of International Affairs (UFS), our national umbrella organisation. UFS is a member of the National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations (LSU). As a member of UF Stockholm, you can attend events organised by LSU.


We are a non-profit association, financed by foundations grants and membership fees.


The Stockholm Association of International Affairs is divided into committees, each responsible for an area of our work. 

You can read our bylaws here (only in Swedish).


In the autumn of 1925, an Academic Society for the League of Nations was founded in Stockholm. On February 9th, 1934, the name was changed to the Association of International Affairs because the students no longer wanted to be associated with the League of Nations which they felt had betrayed their ideals.

After the Second World War, the association was a local branch of the United Nations and grew to around one thousand members by the end of 1960. During the left-wing movement of 1968, the association became more and more radical until it was eventually dissolved during the 70’s due to internal political conflicts. It was not until November 11th, 1998, that the association was once again brought to life.


Many famous diplomats and politicians have started their careers in UF. Among the most well-known and worth mentioning is Olof Palme and Carl Bildt, both former Prime Ministers of Sweden, who were members during their student years.

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