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The Mentorship Program is our initiative to increase students’ insight into working life. Students interested in a career in politics are paired up with mentors who are professionally active within this area.


Previous mentors have represented various governmental bodies and international organisations: the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, SIDA, Red Cross, SIPU International, and more. The program has several functions and is beneficial for mentors and mentees alike.

As a student, you will :


  • Better understand what it means to work with international or political issues, and see how organisations work in practice.

  • Receive valuable career guidance

  • Enhance your professional network


As a mentor, you will :


  • Have a chance to help foster new talents looking for a similar career path as you.

  • Reflect over career choices, organisational formats, and working methods.

  • Connect with potential employees in future.

  • Connect with other mentors and their respective organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How does the Mentorship Program work ?


The current period has its application deadline in 1st of April and will last until December 2023.


The starting point will be a common introduction hosted by UF Stockholm where we invite all mentors and mentees to a lecture on the theme of mentorship. After this, individual pairs are to meet on their own, and decide the frequency and length of their meetings. We recommend mentors and mentees to meet up at least three times during the programme. If possible, the mentee should also be invited to the mentor’s workplace. At the end of the fall semester, UF Stockholm will host another event where participants are asked to evaluate the program.


For more information or question, please contact us at


Who can apply?


To apply to the mentorship program, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum of 90 completed ECTS.

  • Strong Interest in international affairs, political science or similar, through your studies or other activities.

  • Membership in UF Stockholm (membership can be arranged with your application).


Applicants must include the following:

  • Fill the application form 

  • A cover letter (maximum 400 words) in Swedish or English. Tell us about yourself and why you wish to participate. Specify if you prefer to have a mentor of your own or if you are OK with sharing a mentor with one other student. Specify your areas of interest so that we can match you with the right mentor.

  • CV with relevant experiences and merits.


Please submit your full application in PDF format to us at The opening of the applications is open until April 1st.

Applications will be evaluated by representatives from the board of UF Stockholm and accepted applicants will receive a notification by e-mail within 1 month after the application deadline (April 1st).

Becoming a mentee entails


  • A chance to obtain a better understanding of what it means to work with specific international or political issues, and of how various organizations function practically

  • An opportunity to receive valuable career guidance

  • An opportunity to enhance their professional network, an opportunity to enhance their professional network, career choices, organizational formats, and work.

  • For mentors, the program entails personal development and the opportunity to reflect on methods.

  • Opportunities to connect with potential employees for future purposes

  • An opportunity to be seen in a positive context, which also benefits mentors’ respective organisations

  • An opportunity to connect with other mentors and their respective organisations

About SAIA

The Stockholm Association of International Affairs (UF Stockholm or SAIA) is a politically and religiously independent youth association that aims to broaden interest and understanding of international affairs. We are a non-profit association, financed by foundations grants and membership fees.

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