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Updated: May 19, 2018

Come travel with UFStockholm to most exciting destinations in international political arena!

Each semester, Stockholm Association of International Affairs arranges an international trip to a destination of social, cultural, and political interest. Previously we have visited Russia, Paris, Iran, Isreal- Tel Aviv, United states- Washington DC and more.

This spring UFStockholm will be visiting the headquarters of European Parliament in Brussels Belgium from the 23th to 27th of April! Applying to be a part of this project group in the Travel Committee, you will have the unique opportunity to partake in planning, organising, and attending the trip with 11 other UFStockholm members who’ll also join with you. The estimated cost of the trip lies around 2000 kr on members part. It includes flight and accommodation costs which SAIA will be subsidising part of. However keep in mind that the total cost is viable to change as we plan this trip together.

If you are interested in international politics, and would like to broaden your understanding in world politics, foreign affairs, and international security don’t hesitate to apply today by sending a short motivation letter to

Include answers to the following questions in your motivation letter:

1. What are your interests in international affairs? 2. What are your expectations from the trip? 3. How can you contribute to the committee?

Previously, we have had the opportunity to meet international organisations, local authorities and institutions, NGOs and universities to gain a deeper understanding of the regional current social, political, and economic affairs. Once the travel committee members are selected, we will have weekly meetings to plan and organize the trip together. This entails booking tickets for transportation, finding accommodation, contacting organisations, and institutions for our visits and much more.

We welcome and encourage students from all different academic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds to apply. An UFStockholm membership is required to participate on this trip.

Become a member:

Deadline for applications: The application should be submitted online no later than Sunday the 18th of March.

E-mail me if you have any questions, thoughts or comments to

Want to know more about UFStockholm? Visit our website!

Sarangua Tsogtoo

Head of International Affairs 2018/2019


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