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Updated: May 19, 2018

Written on 21st April 2018

Hello, everyone!

My name is Sarangua Tsogtoo and I am the head of International Affairs for SAIA 2018/2019. I would like to warm welcome you to meet the UF Stockholm or the Stockholm Association of International Affairs- Travel Committee of Spring 2018.

Along with 11 UF Stockholm Travel Committee members we are excited to be exploring the wonderful city of Brussels -the centre of European institutions, hub for International Politics, and a travel destination to quest our knowledge of European Union, international community, and Belgian culture.

After months of intense planning, on the 22nd of April we will be heading to Brussels, Belgium. Through our blog, we hope to share our experience of our journey, adventures, knowledge gained, as well as our story of being a part of the UF Stockholm Travel Committee Spring 2018.

During the past months, we have had weekly meeting where we planned for our 6 day trip with issues such as booking group tours at different European Institutions, booking flights, and accommodation, as well as booking meeting with organisations, EU commissioners, and MEP's. We didn't forget to plan to do sightseeing activities, museum explorations, and of course some chocolate and waffles tasting in town.

For our wonderful 4 teams who shared equal responsibility in planning and organising the trip, I had promised to award them the day before our take-off. Sharing our prize of achievement together- a big box of chocolate, we were all determined to make this trip meaningful, memorable, and absolutely mesmerising today. With the last pre-trip kick off dinner, we’re extremely excited to travel to Brussels, Belgium this Sunday!

From my experience, just the planning itself has been a rewarding experience to widen my understanding of the European Institutions, learn about different organisation and their commitments, as well as getting to know 11 other wonderful individuals that are motivated, and willing to engage to make positive impacts in society. Although it may be challenging, overwhelming, and stressful at times I would not miss our trip for the world.

Stay tuned for more updates on our trip and journey to explore European Parliament and other institutions in Brussels, Belgium.

Sarangua Tsogtoo

Head of International Affairs


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