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UF Stockholm Travels to Brussels Day 0

Updated: May 19, 2018

Written 22nd of April 2018

Good morning, everyone!

Today we are finally saying goodbye to Stockholm and greeting Brussels, Belgium.

As early birds as we are, filled with curiosity, and eager for the journey ahead we assembled early in the morning to take our bus to the airplane.

A beautiful sunny day. So far the weather looks promising as compared to the weather forecast in Brussels indicating rainy week for our trip. However on such a day, one must not remain sullen. Not anticipating scorching 25 degrees of warmth in Brussels, we sure were pleasantly surprised.

After arriving at our apartment, we decided to take a short sightseeing tour around our local area. In the north of the city, filled with different cultures we strolled the streets to our leisure - familiarising ourselves with the town as well as the transportation system for our big day tomorrow.

With 3 activities planned for the next day, a good night's rest is essential.

Good night, SAIA's! Brace yourself for the next day's adventures. Stay tuned!

Until next time.

Sarangua Tsogtoo

Head of International Affairs

Ps: Selfie time! With our lovely team member Dia's high tech mobile, we were able to snatch some fun group selfies that sums up our travel mood. We named selfies- once a Dia selfies.


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