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UF´s travel to Hague.

Updated: Dec 29, 2018


East new semester, Stockholm Association of International Affairs arranges an exciting international trip to a destination of social, cultural, and political interest.

This year’s destination was the city of Hague in the Netherlands.

Known as the world's capital of law, our members visited both the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. The trip also included visits to the Swedish Embassy in Hague, international organizations, NGOs and universities such as the Hague University to gain a deeper understanding of current social, political, and economic affairs.

On adventure in Hague and Amsterdam.

Upon arriving the travel team meet with the Swedish counsellor in Hague Alexander Muskus to discuss socio-economic policies concerning the Netherlands as well as the importance of Hague in the political arena. During the meeting, Muskus also shared important career advice for students wanting to chase a career in international politics.

Many of the members of the travel team being students, the group were also able to experience the cultural and intellectual exchange of the Netherlands by visiting the University of Hague and Amsterdam. There the team had the pleasure of meeting with several of the local student associations as well as the honour of getting a guided tour as well as attending a lecture by Dr Michel van den Berg.

With Hague being the world capital of international law the travel team o, of course, took the opportunity to visit the International Criminal Court, the Permanent court of Arbitration and the peace palace. While visiting the International criminal court the team attended in intriguing court hearing on the Ivorian political leaders Gbagbo and Blé Goudé concerning their crimes against humanity during the post election violence in Coté d'Ivoire. After attending the hearing the group had a guided tour at the peace palace as well as the pleasure of getting a tour of and an educational program by the Vilmante Brink who is the case manager of the Carnegie foundation.

Finally, did the travel team have the wonderful opportunity of visiting International IDEAs office in Hague where they had a long discussion on the Future of Democracy. The discussion was led by the manager Sam van der Staak who also introduced their work in the Netherlands.

During the last days, the team took a fun trip to Amsterdam were they enjoyed the rich artistic heritage, narrow houses and elaborate canal system of the Dutch capital as well as visiting its Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank’s memorial.


The travel conducted by the travel team was a success and we’re looking forward to more exciting travels in 2019.

Special thanks to UFs former travel manager Sarangua Tsogtoo for putting down the planning and hard work needed to make this trip a reality.

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