The Stockholm Association of International Affairs is a politically and religiously independent, non-profit association that aims to broaden the interest and understanding of international issues. Our board and members are from around the world as well as from within Sweden. We organise lectures, seminars, embassy visits, conferences and other events focused on international relations. Not only is SAIA a place to learn but it is also a place for networking and getting a taste of life and work within the world of foreign affairs.

The organisation, composed primarily of the board, is responsible for the development of the association and planning of our events, activities, finances, and more, serving our members in the best way we can.

The board consist of representatives from each committee and thereby coordinates the work of the association. In this way, we incorporate the whole organisation in a democratic decision-making process.

Board of saia SPRING 2021

Carl Åkerström


My hope is to continue UF Stockholms work with creating opportunities for young people to connect with each other and the wider world of foreign affairs.

Arif Sulimani

Deputy Head of Events

Kerija Danovska

Vice President

My main objective is to spread the word about the organization and its upcoming events. Hopefully inspiring and engaging more and more people.

Agnes Manninen

Head of Public Relations

Daniele D.


My vision for the organisation is to promote awareness of foreign policies and relations and stimulate debate through informed discussion.

Oscar Molander

Acting Deputy Head of Public Relations

My vision and goal is to enhance youth engagement for international affairs and be a spark for more discussions and dialogue in a time of polarization.

Benjamin Nord

Deputy Head of Activity

In my work on behalf of the association I hope to make our activities and events more accessible to all members and interested parties.

Orom Shamoun

Membership Manager

My vision is to improve the administrative work of the association that touch the association´s members concerns and be the link between them and the board. Furthermore I will help our members with their questions in foreign policy and increasing their interest in it.  

Currently vacant

Travel Manager

Treasurer /

National Representative

My vision and goal for this organisation is to provide conferences and lectures, with different perspectives, on topics that are relevant to us today. With the increase of disinformation circulating the internet today, it is more important than ever, to engage in critical thinking.

Axel Bosson


Imran Malik

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

My ambition with SAIA is to sharpen my writing skills, and learn more about international affairs.

Oscar Rosengren

Head of Events

My ambition is to create an environment in which our members get as much as possible from their membership. Hence it is my responsibility to organize events of high value in terms of knowledge which extends over a broad spectrum of interesting topics. A membership in SAIA shall be something for everyone that is interested in foreign affairs.

Anita Omerbasic

Head of Activity

My vision is to create activities that will bring the world of foreign affairs closer to those who seek to understand it, through dialogue, discussions and networking.

Mindy Parkkinen

Grants Manager

I want to give more students the opportunity to engage in the organization and continue to develop it to encourage dialogue about international relations, as well as helping students find their core values within the area.

Nathalie Loveless

Head of Design