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Armin Dorka

President of SAIA


Floriane Le Goff

Vice President


Abriam Josh D. Esteban

Secretary and Member Manager


Markus Hietanen

Editor-in-Chief of the Journal

I am coming from Budapest; Hungary and currently pursuing a double degree in Politics and Business at SU. Since 2021, I am an active (board) member of SAIA. This political organization has amazing opportunities, the fact that Carl Bildt and Olof Palme (formal Prime Ministers), were also members of SAIA proves it. As a President, I will focus on reaching out even more students, ensuring motivation and happiness of our board members, while maintaining the relationship with our twin association both nationally and internationally.

I was born in Vietnam, raised in France and I lived for 4 years in Stockholm. I hold a Bachelor in Political Science at SU. I am strongly interested by International cooperation, Asian politics and the use of artificial intelligence as well as International Security in general. I wish for our organization to be able to extend its influence, to see our community growing, nationally and ideally internationally.

My aim is to help grow SAIA into a premier International affairs organization for young leaders, thinkers and professionals, and one that provides members and stakeholders with engaging, fun and accessible activities. I am currently studying my Masters of Laws in Public International Law at SU.

My vision is to encourage those interested in writing about International affairs to gain experience and hone their writing skills by contribution to our in-house journal and raising awareness of important and interesting issues around the world. Don't be shy and take the opportunity. I am currently studying my Masters degree in Political Science.


Avantika Ananthakrishnan

Head of Events


Bilal Nasser

Head of PR


Stephanie Benjamin

Deputy head of PR


Maria Adamopoulou

Head of Design

My vision for SAIA is for it to become rich, accessible resource for youth interested in International affairs, where youth can safely explore various aspects of International affairs with curated guidance and like-minded peers. A space where contemporary events can be contemplated on and investigated without bias and prejudice. I also want UF to be politically active future citizens of the world who understand the premises of world politics and can form their own opinions.

I'm born and raised in Greece and I study at SU. I have been living in Sweden since 2022. I carry a BA in Turkish Language and Literature and currently, I am enrolled in an MA in Middle Eastern Studies at SU, an interdisciplinary-oriented program which focuses on politics, human rights and gender. My main interests are mainly in Foreign Policy as well as Human Rights.

My vision for SAIA is to create a platform for youth thinkers to meet and have a dialogue and increase their knowledge in foreign affairs, and to widen their perspective. Ongoing Studies in Political Science and International relations. My interests are Middle Politics and International Security.

I was born in Cayenne, French Guiana and raised over a decade in France. I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and I am currently studying Political Science at SU. I gained interest in Foreign Policy last year. My main goal at SAIA is to help to create an innovative platform for this non-profit organization so that young and linked-minded people gain more interest in International Affairs but also discuss what needs to be change in our Policies.


Emelie Reuterstrand



Adrian Aghai Vafaei

Head of Grants


Daryna Alsheikh

Head of Activity

I recently joined the board as a treasurer for SAIA. I’m currently studying the final year of a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Stockholm University. The reason I decided to join the SAIA-board is because of my interest in foreign affairs and thereby be able to gain valuable experience from the board and the great events hosted by the organisation as well as making connections for the future. My vision as a board member of SAIA is to contribute to the great work of the organisation and help it reach out to more young people interested in foreign affairs.

As Head of Grants my work focuses primarily on gathering diverse forms of funding and writing formal letters to different institutions, organizations and companies. I’m a new member having been installed to this post in February of this year. Since childhood I’ve always had a fascination for International Relations and Foreign Politics and hope to help SAIA with my skills. I am born and raised in Sweden and am currently studying a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics here at SU.

I am currently studying Business Administration, National Economics and I am also studying International Disputes, Defense,Security and Social issues. My vision is to create opportunities for everyone with a passion for International Affairs, to achieve their ambitions and to make an impact.


Drew Ellis

Head of the Mentorship


Aysha Sohail

Deputy Head of Activity


Emil Lindblom

Deputy Head of Events

“Since joining SAIA in the fall of 2022, I have participated in several events and been privileged to both travel and form new contacts with diverse, interesting people. I am currently studying for a bachelor’s in political science and economics at Stockholm University and I am particularly interested international political economy and developmental issues. Additionally, I have experience of teaching and mentoring which I hope will be of use in the work to come.”

I’m from Glasgow, Scotland and currently am on an Erasmus exchange semester at Stockholm University. I’m in my penultimate year studying International Relations at bachelor’s level. I’m interested in environmental policy, global ethics and security. I hope to contribute to SAIA through hosting interesting, enjoyable and accessible events which spark interest about international relations among young people.

I am a student at Stockholm university. I am an outgoing person who loves discussing politics with others, especially foreign affairs relating to power dynamics. In my free time I enjoy playing chess, hanging out with friends, learning about history and going to the pub once in a while. 

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