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The Stockholm Journal of International Affairs is our in-house magazine that furthers our goal: to broaden interest and understanding of international affairs.

For every issue you will find articles that shine a light on timely issues, as well as debate articles that make a case for viewpoints from both sides


UF Stockholm is a non-profit organization and we depend on the commitment and interest of our members. If you have something to say, you're welcome to do so by joining us! 

Send an email to with a motivational letter on why you would be an interesting contributor to our journal!

The Stockholm Journal: July 2024

The Stockholm Journal: March 2024

The Stockholm Journal: December 2023

The Stockholm Journal: November 2023

The Stockholm Journal: July 2023

The Stockholm Journal: March 2023

About SAIA

The Stockholm Association of International Affairs (UF Stockholm or SAIA) is a politically and religiously independent youth association that aims to broaden interest and understanding of international affairs. We are a non-profit association, financed by foundations grants and membership fees.

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